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Carol Sutherland


What's happening at Sutherland Studios.  This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

Portrait Finished

Nan and George Portrait completed. 

Mural Project Finished

Artist draws on colorful time in Hawaii  - (from Atlanta Journal-Constitution Home & Garden Column by Lee May)

Caught in the clutches of Atlanta's up-and-down winter temperatures, when spring seems here one day and nowhere in sight the next; I recently treated myself to a flowery fantasy - one that remained unchanged regardless of the weather's vagaries.

Actually, Carol Anne Sutherland treated me to the fantasy, inviting me to see her drawings, a botanical series depicting the lushness of Hawaiian flowers, fruits and foliage. The pieces, some 14 of them, are home now, in Sutherland’s studio residence near Emory University - after having been on exhibit at Vista Gallery and the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

While the morning blustered outside, the pencil drawings warmed the indoors with their reds, greens, yellows, browns, oranges. There were crotons, bird of paradise, pineapple, papa­ya, banana, ti leaves. And the splendorous Ohi'a-lehua, blooms resembling the mimosa's powder puffs. Pele, goddess of the volcano Kilauea, has been depicted wearing a headband of these blooms.

Sutherland's works are part of an artistic power surge - one that was set off during a trip to Hawaii in 1991. She photographed a volcanic eruption, lava of yellows, reds and oranges so powerful that the colors burned into her memo and surfaced in her drawings.

'You feel like you're back at the beginning of time," she says, "when the Earth was first formed. Out of that fire and destruction, a garden is created."

Well, Sutherland came home' and set out to create her own garden: the drawings. Their colors are vibrant and soothing at the same time, much like a scene in nature. Sutherland, who speaks with great passion, often touching one of her drawings to make a point, calls plants "totally inspiring. Nature is alive, not like an inanimate object such as a car or a piece of clothing. A plant has life force."

Inspired, yes, but Sutherland's draw­ings do not mirror the photographs from which she often works.

"I take license with color," the artist says. "Once you get into the drawings, they take on a life of their own." Example: Her pineapple has a golden glow that is far more lustrous than any you'll see at your local farmers' market.

Color sometimes comes in mysteri­ous ways. Sutherland explains how she inadvertently picked up a blue pencil one day instead of the green one she was after. After coloring a flower stem, she decided that the blue added just the right touch, like water.

A wall of botanical drawings (each 30 by 40 inches) can truly transport you. The largeness of the plants' fea­tures and their luscious colors aptly represent Hawaii's great fertility.

Sutherland, who teaches a course called "Art for Play and Relaxation" at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, knows the value of this vicarious digging in the dirt. It slows you down, encourag­ing you to enjoy nature.

As the real thing is in hibernation this time of year, pictures and memo­ries must serve. In her drawings, Suth­erland says, "the garden is eternal; it can live on through the year." Unaffected by rain, snow, sleet. Or heat

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