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"The purpose of my art is to affirm appreciation for and preservation of all the earth’s Life forms."

Carol Anne Sutherland

This is the message and mission that motivated me to create an art show of Hawaiian Botanicals. On a recent trip to Hawaii to hike, camp and explore four of the islands, I found a beauty and lushness of nature that fulfilled my vision of Paradise on Earth.  This experience left a lasting impression and filled me with creative inspiration.

My Hawaiian Botanical series is about honoring and revering the priceless beauty and resource of the Earth's living legacy of plants, trees and flowers. The mediums I have chosen are color pencil, acrylic on canvas and color photography.  

As an artist the core of my being, my work and my lifestyle is my connection to nature and the environment. Relating to the Life Force of the earth enables me to feel a high level of peace, love, wholeness and understanding. My art is an expression of this connection.

It is a great personal concern that the miraculous evolution of Life on our planet is endangered due to the ignorance, haste, waste and short-sightedness of the human race. My hope is that people can work together to awaken awareness and consciousness to help end complacency about the losses of the Earth's living resources. Each of us who cares can find an appropriate medium in order to speak out for constructive, creative change.

I believe all Life deserves to be honored, respected, preserved and replenished. The HOLISTIC VISION of Life on Earth acknowledges mankind's interdependence with all other living things. Our challenge is to individually and globally accept our responsibility for the wise stewardship and care taking of all Life on our beautiful Earth.


Carol Anne Sutherland is a graduate of Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree. Her three majors include fine art, elementary education, and art education (kindergarten through twelfth grade). Upon graduation she continued her fine art studies at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Miss Sutherland's career began with nine years of art instruction at St. Pius X High School. While there she was chairman of the Fine Arts Department and the creator/director of a school wide arts festival that was held annually. She left the teaching profession to become a partner in a local art gallery where she gained experience in retail and wholesale art marketing, sales and picture framing.

In 1979, Carol Sutherland Studios was created. Working as an independent artist, Miss Sutherland focused mainly on corporate commission work. Since that time she has worked in a wide range of mediums including silk screen, etched glass and mirror, painting and drawing, murals and wall graphics, fabric sculptures, banner systems, graphic design, exhibit design and fabrication, photography and art consultation. She has major works of art across the Southeast that may be seen in offices and corporate environments, wellness centers, hospitals, children's hospitals, nursing homes, banks, law firms, hotels, restaurants, and private residences.

From 1990 to 1997 Carol taught an innovative class called "Art For Play & Relaxation", to address the growing need for stress reduction in today's society. This course was offered at Evening at Emory, the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center and St. Pius X High School.

Since 1997 Carol has been an art instructor at the Atlanta Botanical Garden teaching a class called "Capturing the Garden in Color Pencil". Students draw plants from the Fuqua Conservatory and draw out in the garden. The emphasis is on quiet meditation and relaxation through the artistic process. Carol is currently a member of the American Society of Botanical Artists and has been drawing botanical subject matter since 1991, inspired by a trip to four of the Hawaiian Islands.

Her current art show entitled "Paradise Is Now!" includes large botanical drawings in color pencil, paintings on canvas, color photography, as well as etched and hand colored glass and mirror. Being an avid nature enthusiast, Carol draws her subject matter from a rich store of photographic images taken over the years. These images come from state parks, national forests, and beautiful scenic areas over the Southeast, the Georgia Coastal Islands, the Hawaiian Islands, and most recently Costa Rica.

Carol states, "There is a high level of peace, beauty and inner fulfillment to be found in rediscovering one's innate connection to art and nature. I believe wholeness, wellness and relaxation can be restored through the creative process and affirming our Oneness with the earth; however, one must consciously slow down in order to experience one's creative potential and the greater Creation: the earth and all her life forms like the plants, trees, and animals. Our fast paced life too often negates these vital aspects of wellness and balance."

"My goal is for my art and my art classes to awaken this connection. I hope other people will feel it when they view my work and enroll in my workshops. The key is to spark the remembrance of the joy of art and nature we knew in childhood in order to return to it. We all must work together to restore balance into our society."

Carol, a committed artist and art educator, is currently working on a book that expresses the elevation in consciousness that is possible through the connection to nature and creativity that is inherent in every individual at birth.

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