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American Medical International

Five Panel Mural 

Leaf Design in Textile

AMIwall.jpg (123322 bytes)

Wall Mural


The Varsity Drive-in

Varsity01.jpg (54817 bytes) Varsity02.jpg (40310 bytes) Varsity03.jpg (39065 bytes) Varsity04.jpg (45495 bytes)

Etched Glass

EGfirescreen.jpg (51499 bytes) EGdoor1.jpg (47695 bytes) EGscreen.jpg (45583 bytes) EGwindow3.jpg (75235 bytes)


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Telephone              (404) 687-8167
Postal address        444 Burlington Road. N.E. Atlanta, Georgia 30307
Electronic mail        General Information:
* Copyright Carol Sutherland 1992.  All rights reserved for the artist. 
* All rights of ownership and reproduction belong to the artist-creator, Carol Sutherland.
* All artworkcreated by Carol Sutherland ois protected against unauthorized reporduction or use under the U.S. Copyright Law.

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